7 Steps to success

Back when I started in sales many years ago, someone handed me a set of tapes by a man called Zig Ziglar. I was told to listen to them when I was in my car ,to  follow his simple steps and if I did I couldn’t fail. Ok it’s not quite that easy but I think the seven steps that he identifies as being paramount to achieving a goal , definitely apply to setting up a new job board or a new website.

Here they are as best as I can remember them.

Step 1 – Identify what you want . 

Do you know what you actually want . Many people I speak with say they want job board software but they then do not have a clue what they are going to do with it .

Step 2 – Clearly write out why you want to achieve that goal.

Why do you want a new recruitment website or job board?

Step 3 – List any obstacles in your way

Step 4 – Identify what you need to know in order to accomplish this goal.

Step 5 – Identify the people you have to work with

That’s an easy one it’s us.

Step 6 – Develop a detailed plan of action

Step 7 – Set a date by when you expect to reach that goal. 


Obviously you can go into a lot more detail on each step, but this is a great start.

If you get the chance read something or listen to something by Zig Ziglar you may be inspired.

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