Killer Questions. How to add value to your job board.

We have standard job board software but we can also build something bespoke. As much as you try it’s impossible to build something that has everything that every one wants.

One extra that we can build but not many people go for is the ability to ask killer questions. I think this is a great feature and of great value to the company advertising the job.

If your candidate gets through initial screening and gets to be interviewed in person, they’ll invariably be asked some behavioural questions.

A hiring manager or the personnel department will have decided upon some behaviour or character traits that are important for the role in question.

For arguments sake, let’s assume they are looking for a salesperson. They may want to know how they go about identifying a prospect ,contacting them, making an appointment and then presenting their product ¬†or service. The way they would do this is to ask them to talk them through in as much detail as possible the last piece of business they won from cold.

This could be built into your software so that when a client posts a job he can set these questions and all applicants have to answer them .

They could even be simple yes or no questions that could eliminate some candidates straight away. If having a driving license was a requirement, they could ask this question and automatically eliminate those that didn’t.

A major gripe of hiring managers is having to sift through a lot of irrelevant CV’s, anything that you can do to eliminate the need to so will add value.

If you have the budget and want to be a little bit different maybe this is something you should consider.


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