Why do people visit your recruitment website ?

Why do people visit your recruitment website -

Here are the main reasons why people visit websites in general

Get information or to learn something
To buy something
To be entertained
To be part of a group or community

So why do people visit your recruitment website?

To find a little bit more about your company before they contact you
To get your phone number
To see what vacancies you have available
To apply for a job
To learn something – Do you have any great tips on getting a job
For help – Can you help me write my CV
Not sure many people would be visiting your site to be entertained, but if they were  it might give them a reason to come back. ( how about some videos of how not to interview, could be amusing ).

Why do people leave your website?

Because they find it difficult to do all of the above. Design your website around your target audience’s needs not yours and you have a chance that they’ll stay and listen to what you have to say.

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